The Americans for Tax Reform Foundation’s mission is to educate taxpayers on the true cost of government by not only taking into account the obvious costs of taxation but also the realities of the onerous regulations and costly government programs.

ATRF was founded as Fairness for Families in 1985 with the purpose of promoting public awareness of concepts related to the federal income tax rates and simplification of the federal income tax system. In 1991, the name was changed to Americans for Tax Reform Foundation once it was clear that ATRF was an effective vehicle for providing the research and analysis used by activist taxpayer groups when determining policy positions.

The Americans for Tax Reform Foundation’s research and analysis educate taxpayers on the true causes and effects of legislation and regulatory affairs. ATRF’s efforts inform debate, initiate conversation, and emphasize the importance of fundamental tax reform and spending restraint. ATRF provides the intellectual foundation that provides the basis for the broad center-right community to see success in the fight for smaller government, lower taxes, and free-market economy.